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8 Questions to Create the Perfect Vacation

March 15, 2022

Do your retirement dreams include hitting the road or traveling the world? If so, don’t forget to plan ahead and stay aware of your budget! As you think about your next getaway, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself and your travel companions before choosing your destination.

  1. Who’s invited? Choose your travel companions wisely as they can make or break a trip.
  2. Drive versus fly? Some people love road trips and enjoy long car rides, while others can’t comprehend how the words “traffic” and “highway” could possibly equal a vacation.
  3. Can you wing it? You may be able to find a great travel deal last minute, but if not knowing your definite plans ahead of time creates stress, you’ll want to bypass last-minute bookings and plan ahead.
  4. Length of flight? Some people can’t handle flights longer than a few hours or travelling over large bodies of water, which easily eliminates destinations by distance and flight paths.
  5. Level of adventure? One person’s idea of a perfect vacation may be backpacking through Europe, while another’s is laying poolside in the sun for a week. Having a conversation about the amount of adventure expected upfront could alleviate disappointment later.
  6. Comfortable with foreign languages? Some don’t feel comfortable or safe in a country or city where most people don’t speak their language. Know your comfort level and research languages before committing.
  7. Need for luxuries? If you really need to order room service, have 24-hour uninterrupted Wi-Fi, or you plan to use a transportation service like Uber to drive you around, make sure the trips you’re looking into provide these must-haves.
  8. Importance of safety? Make sure your comfort level with the safety of each destination is acceptable so you can enjoy yourself.

Asking these questions will help jumpstart the search for your next destination. If you have any questions about travel planning in retirement, contact the office at any time.