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Tips for Smarter Spending

January 25, 2022

Ever find yourself watching shows like Downton Abbey or Million Dollar Decorators and feeling like you should be living large, too? It’s okay to like expensive things (we all do it); inexpensive  yet chic living takes a good eye and a little planning.

Splurge on the classics
It’s bound to happen. You’ll come across a designer handbag, perfect denim, or a watch you can’t imagine parting with. Ask yourself if you really need it. If the answer is yes, then ask if the color and style are timeless. Still good? Sleep on it first to avoid impulse purchases. Take time to research the best prices and make sure you have funds available to cover the cost. Then, love and wear it with confidence!

Entertain creatively
From kids’ birthdays to hanging with friends, time and location is everything for cost-effective entertainment. Look for happy hours, host a dinner party, split a group discount, or have each guest contribute. Self-discipline and creative planning make a big difference.

Roll up your sleeves and do it yourself! Cook instead of dining out. Buy flowers from the farmers market instead of the expensive boutique. Paint your own nails. Clean your own house or try your hand at landscaping.

Shop smart
Dying to look like you walked off the runway? Find a site or source to help you get the look for less. You can find your favorite designers at outlet stores for less than retail price. A little tip: quality belts, undergarments, basic accessories and even your everyday classics can often be found at a discount retailer and no one will ever know.

Do beauty on a budget
Look for alternatives to expensive makeup, moisturizers, and spa treatments. Worried about an inferior product? Read beauty blogs or try out samples from the makeup counters. Visit a day spa instead of the expensive resort.

Watch out for money drains
Luxury cars, unused cable packages, high-tech gadgets, pet outfits, fancy coffees, and bad habits will drain your funds quickly. Try and make purchases where you’ll see a lasting return.

Budget today so you can splurge when it counts. Reach out today if you need help getting your budget on track.